MyTv Live Well-spirit

Are you a stallholder who is going to be at one of the fairs and wishes to promote yourself in order to bring your business to the public? Then think about being interviewed for around half an hour on our broadcasts so that everyone can benefit from what you have.

Do you have something new and want to get it out there? Then call us and let us know what you have as we want to promote what is coming up and what is new in the Spiritual and Wellness areas of our lives.

Do you run classes or retreats and are looking to bring this to the attention of others, think about being on a broadcast that is aimed at the very people you are aiming for.

Check out the videos at Mytvlivewellspirit and get an idea of what we are offering.

People who have used the program.

Annette Kirkwood, Tarot Love and Light

Roy Fensom, Moon and Mask

Eliza Richter, Souls sound healing

Leeanne Winston, Psychic Medium

Matthew Greenwood, Training and courses

Joan Carpenter, Retreats and women's classes

Tracey Fredericks, the Oracle Room

Yvonne Schwirse, Clairvoyant Medium

Dianna Hutchison, Author and reader

Why is your name not on the list?