Your Requirements.

You are required to maintain the area you are designated, it must be clear of items which may be of danger to passing persons and must be cleaned and left in a state equal to or better than when you occupied the area.

All paper or rubbish must be removed at the end of the day and put in designated bins if provided or waste disposal bins if present.


Set up is usually within one hour of the designated start time for the MARKET/FAIR and clearance of area is usually one hour past the designated Closure time for the public, any other information may be obtained from the organizers by email or phone call.  or 0412097361


Due to changes in legislation it is now necessary for all stallholders to have their own liability insurance, this may be expensive for many but the minimum requirement is for $10.000.000 and as such the Market/Fair will not be able to offer a stall/site without proof of liability insurance. It is possible for two persons to occupy a space of 3 metres by 3 metres and be covered by one liability insurance.  If you have no liability on the day, you may be asked to vacate the premises for the safety of the public and stallholders around you.

No onus will be placed on the business or persons running the event in relation to [ublic liability at the designated space you have booked. If complaints are raised about conduct or other, you may be removed without notification and there will in such a case be no reimbursement of funds paid. Should a dispute arise from the booking or there be a cancelation less than three weeks prior to the event in question no refund will be given


If your stall requires the use of power it is likely to be limited in offer so please notify the organizers as soon as possible or that option may not be available.

All items not on display must be tagged and you may be required to show tagging prior to set up or during the Market/Fair, this is not an option.


Any customer feedback is good if you are taking sheets on feedback that is permitted, Should customers complain as to service or personality these items will be taken seriously as they reflect on the market/fair.

We will do our best to provide a welcome and highly energetic atmosphere and hope you will do the same.

We will discuss any problems with you privately if and where possible. Incidents that cause major disruptions may require you to leave without consultation.


Anyone who supplies food that is made at home or is prepared prior to or at a Market or Fair must have a food number. These are now required by all venues, so please forward them with your public liability

By pressing the following links, you have accepted the conditions above and will be liable to circumstances related to the same. No liability will be placed on the business or persons from the business in relation to damage or cancelation as a part of these fairs/markets..

Adelaide Psychic Fair   third weekend of month

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