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Can you use crystals to stay sober?  

When it comes to recovery, holistic approaches can have lasting effects. Crystal therapy is emerging as a way of more effectively reaching a meditative state and improving one’s chakras or energy. What’s more, they’ve made their way into some high-end drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment centers.

Can you use crystals to help you stay sober?


It will be easier to focus on recovery if you are calm and relaxed. Crystals are often lauded for changing and improving energy

Amber, for example, which is called the “gentle stone,” is credited with having a soothing, calming effect. It is believed that amber can remove negative energy and lighten mood. Amber is said to help with mental clarity and promotes a sense of responsibility and autonomy. A lot of times amber jewelry is worn following surgery or an operation to hasten healing and recovery. Since amber is derived from fossilized trees, there is a sense of history and nostalgia associated with this stone.


If you are going to invest any energy toward crystals in recovery, buy yourself an amethyst. Amethyst has long been revered as being a powerful and protective crystal that can be worn to ward off trouble. 

In addiction treatment, amethyst is reported to help detoxify the body. Amethyst is used in meditation and prayer widely, believed to be effective at quelling any negative thoughts or self-talk.


So, how do you garner the initiative and motivation to maintain sobriety? The answer might be with lepidolite crystals and stones. Lepidolite represents change and provides some momentum to make a positive transformation and grow. This crystal is attributed with helping with patience and hopefulness, while also fostering self-love for the wearer. Since this crystal contains lithium salt, it also is said to help balance out mood when worn next to your skin. Consider a lepidolite pendant or another piece that lays against the skin for optimal benefit.


During recovery, it is important to get in touch and in tune with your own sense of self. This includes your values, beliefs, and fears -- tourmaline can help with that. Tourmaline represents grounding and protection, so it helps provide safety and security for greater self-awareness and insight. Tourmaline can help the wearer break old habits and initiate new, healthier ways to be. If you are particularly stressed, consider black tourmaline for the stone’s hyper-protective qualities. If you have been victimized or traumatized, pink tourmaline may bring about healing and facilitate the release of emotional pain.


Clear quartz is a must-have for anyone who meditates or uses crystals. Clear quartz is believed to have cleansing, protective qualities. Stones are cleansed and charged with quartz, and it is essentially the same kind of crystal that you find in your high-tech devices and electronics. These crystals possess vibrational energy that open channels of communication -- whether through the computer chip in your laptop or the quartz necklace that you wear during meditation or prayer.

A scientist once discovered that clear quartz molecules move and change shape -- right in front of you. They are very believed to be very impressionable to vibrational energy, and some believe they can be metaphysically moved and changed depending on energy. Believing that the crystals have an impact on you helps attract positive energy and will increase the vibration of the crystal during use.

Carry These Crystals

There are so many options, but which are the best crystals for someone in addiction recovery? Some of the other recommended stones that have distinctive benefits for those going through substance abuse detox or withdrawal include:

  • Hematite. To release bad habits and negative patterns.

  • Black onyx. To calm anxiety and reduce fear.

  • Obsidian. For focus and clarity of thought.

  • Celestite. To release the trauma surrounding abuse and addiction.

Manifest Your Intention

To benefit from the properties of healing crystals, you need to first figure out what your intentions are. This is basically what you are asking the crystal to help out with -- and what you hope to gain. Describe the outcome that you favor. Repeat your intention like a mantra while you hold, wear, or rub the crystal. You can also infuse water or tea with crystals for additional benefit. Repeat your intention and use powerful, positive language. Feel and foster the vibrations within the crystal and keep it close. Some people who meditate with crystals like to keep their stones in a pouch or bag, along with a piece of clear quartz for periodic cleansing.

Surround yourself with things that bring joy and positivity to your recovery process. Crystals provide a bit of light on darker days. Whether you believe the studies and information pertaining to the healing powers of certain types of crystals, know that beautiful crystals offer those in recovery a reminder to abstain and maintain sobriety. This function alone makes crystal therapy worthwhile and another tool for those in treatment and recovery. 

Author Bio: Patrick Bailey is a professional writer mainly in the fields of mental health, addiction, and living in recovery. He attempts to stay on top of the latest news in the addiction and the mental health world and enjoy writing about these topics to break the stigma associated with them.