Spiritual and Wellness Fairs
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Spiritual and Wellness Fairs is about asking what people who are on their path of discovery need, and trying to provide just that.

Sometimes this means psychics and tarot readers, but at other times we look at vegan food or alternative products for skin and hair beauty, perhaps it is crystals for your chakras and or healing..

There are times when we can't bring people or items we would like to our fairs, but we consistently look for new people doing something new that can help everyone on their path to discovery..

If you are reading this, you know what you are looking for and if you can't find it here, then ask us where it might be, or when do we have such a product or person at our fairs.

Take the time to send us a comment so that we can find what you need.


If you have been to the fairs before then review our services, as we cannot improve unless we know how we are doing.

Roy Fensom, Owner

We specialize in bringing as many and varied stallholders as we can find to bring the widest collection of services and product in one place at any one time.

Join our list of stallholders by making a message on our contact page, or find where the next fair or market is on our events page.

See YOU at the next event???

Nory Fensom, Owner